Thursday, July 8, 2010

Particle Storm Live Wallpaper

This Live Wallpaper app intended to demonstrate the power and flexibility of OpenGL on newer Android phones like the HTC EVO 4G, Nexus One and Droid X. Glowing particles swirl around the local magnetic field, drop due to gravity and respond to your touch. The wallpaper is rendered in OpenGL ES for maximum 3D effect.

You can choose primary and secondary colors of the particles, and the color mix of the particles can change as you slide through your home screens.

The program defaults to a moderate number of particles. If your phone can handle it (EVO 4G, Droid X, etc.) I'd recommend cranking it up in the settings. Likewise if you're experiencing framerate issues try toning down the number of particles.

For the physics nerds out there, the particles simulate charged electrons spiraling along the local magnetic field as sampled by the compass inside advanced Android phones. Accelerometer information is also incorporated to allow the particles to fall towards the ground regardless of the orientation of the phone.

No ads or any payment required - my goal in publishing this app is simply to get the maximum number of people enjoying a great technical demo I wrote for myself.

Click or access the QRCode below on your favorite Android phone to download the Particle Storm live wallpaper now:



  1. I am totally geeked out on this concept, but the market search comes back with nothing. :-( Will this work on my rooted g1 with android 1.6? Pls send me a link or package

  2. That's Awesome, I love it. That's really cool your putting it out there for free too. Hey, I'm an android developer also, and I'm having some problems getting the GLSurfaceView code to render in a wallpaper engine. Is there any way you could share some of your code, or just any tips on how you got your OpenGL ES code to render within a live wallpaper. It would be much appreciated.